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About Norman Mitchell

Norman Mitchell Driver was born on 27th August 1918 in Sheffield. His father, Walter Driver, was a mining engineer and his mother, Lizzie Driver, a concert singer. He attended Carterknowle Grammar School with his brother Arnold, and went on to study medicine at the University of Sheffield.

At 18 years old, after a few months at university, Norman quietly left home. He walked from Sheffield to London to knock on the doors of Elstree Studios so he could realise his dream of becoming an actor. A few weeks later Walter and Arnold found him sweeping floors and he returned to Sheffield to become Assistant Stage Manager at The Sheffield Repertory.

He just started getting acting roles, when Hitler invaded Poland. During World War II Norman served with the Royal Army Medical Corps for six years on active duty, including a spell with the Desert Rats in various capacities from operating room assistant, clerk, stretcher-bearer and mortician. He recounts these terrible years in the book.

In 1946 Norman was finally able to start acting – and didn't ever stop!

Norman married the actress Pauline Southcombe in 1946, (screen name Laura Deane), which was a long and happy marriage for both of them. He was father to actor Christopher Mitchell (1947-2001) and to journalist Jackie Mitchell.


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