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The Seekers (1954)

Character: Sailor Grayson
Director: Ken Annakin
Cast: Jack Hawkins, Glynis Johns, Noel Purcell, Kenneth Williams, Laya Raki

Norman as Fungus

Up To His Neck (1954)

Character: Sailor Fungus
Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Cast: Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix, Gerald Campion, Harry Fowler, Anthony Newley, Michael Brennan, Hattie Jacques, Laya Raki

A Kid For Two Farthings (1955)

Character: Stall Holder China Groves
Director: Carol Reed
Cast: Celia Johnson, Diana Dors, David Kossoff, Sydney Tafler, Brenda de Banzie, Sidney James

Police Dog (1955)

Character: Vet
Director: Derek Twist
Cast: Cast: Joan Rice, Tim Turner, Sandra Dorne, Charles Victor, John Le Mesurier, Christopher Lee


Dick Turpin - Highwayman (1956)

Character: Rooks
Director: David Paltenghi
Cast: Philip Friend, Diane Hart, Allan Cuthbertson, Raymond Rollett

Three Sundays To Live (1956)

Character: Police Sergeant
Director: Ernest Morris
Cast: Kieron Moore, Jane Griffiths, Basil Dignam, Sandra Dorne, Ferdy Mayne

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1958)

Character: Receptionist
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Cast: Anna Neagle, Anthony Quayle, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Katherine Kath, Dora Bryan, Patrick Allen, Leonard Sachs, John Le Mesurier, Anthony Sharp

A Night To Remember (1958)

Character: Man In Boat
Director: Roy Baker
Cast: Kenneth More, Honor Blackman, Michael Goodliffe, David McCallum, George Rose, Anthony Bushell, John Cairney, Kenneth Griffith, Michael Bryant, Geoffrey Bayldon

The Captain's Table (1958)

Character: Arab
Director: Jack Lee
Cast: John Gregson, Peggy Cummins, Donald Sinden, Reginald Beckwith, Richard Wattis, Maurice Denham, Joan Sims, Miles Malleson

The Treasure Of Monte Cristo (1960)

Character: Official
Director: Robert S. Baker & Monty Berman
Cast: Rory Calhoun, John Gregson, Patricia Bredin, Peter Arne, Sam Kydd, Francis Matthews, Michael Balfour

Hand In Hand (1960)

Character: Landlord
Director: Philip Leacock
Cast: Loretta Parry, Philip Needs, John Gregson, Miriam Karlin, Kathleen Byron, Stratford Johns

Carry On Cabby (1963)

Character: Business Man
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Sidney James, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Hattie Jacques, Esma Cannon, Liz Fraser, Bill Owen, Milo O'Shea, Jim Dale

The Primitives (1963)

Character: Dick Turpin
Director: Alfred Travers
Cast: Jan Holden, Rio Fanning, Bill Edwards, Derek Ware

West Eleven (1963)

Character: Customer
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Alfred Lynch, Eric Portman, Kathleen Harrison, Diana Dors, Freda Jackson, Finlay Currie, Harold Lang

This Sporting Life (1963)

Character: Miner
Director: Lindsay Anderson
Cast: Richard Harris, Rachel Roberts, Alan Badel, William Hartnell, Colin Blakely, Arthur Lowe, Jack Watson, Leonard Rossiter

Gutter Girls (1963)

Character: Larry
Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
Cast: Jill Adams, Richard Bebb, John Bonney, Victor Brooks, Raymond Huntley, Hilary Mason

Carry On Spying (1964)

Character: Native Policeman
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Kenneth Williams, Bernard Cribbins, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor, Eric Pohlmann, Eric Barker, Dilys Laye, Jim Dale, Richard Wattis

The Alphabet Murders (1964)

Character: Policeman
Director: Frank Tashlin
Cast: Tony Randall, Robert Morley, Anita Ekberg, Maurice Denham, Guy Rolfe, James Villiers

The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964)

Character: Policeman
Director: Anthony Asquith
Cast: Rex Harrison, Jeanne Moreau, Edmund Purdom, Moira Lister, Roland Culver, Shirley Maclaine, George C. Scott, Alain Delon, Ingrid Bergman, Omar Sharif, Joyce Grenfell

A Home Of Your Own (1964)

Character: Builder
Director: Bob Kellett
Cast: Ronnie Barker, George Benson, Richard Briers, Janet Brown, Peter Butterworth, Bernard Cribbins, Bill Fraser

The Little Ones (1965)

Character: Removal Man
Director: Jim O'Connolly
Cast: Carl Gonzales, Kim Smith, Dudley Foster, Derek Newark, Derek Francis

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965)

Character: Mover
Director: Otto Preminger
Cast: Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley, Keir Dullea, Noel Coward, Martita Hunt, Finlay Currie, Clive Revill, Anna Massey, Adrienne Corri

Carry On Cleo (1965)

Character: Heckler
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Jim Dale, Amanda Barrie, Sheila Hancock, Warren Mitchell, Jon Pertwee

You Must Be Joking (1965)

Character: Worker
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Terry-Thomas, Lionel Jeffries, Michael Callan, Denholm Elliott, Bernard Cribbins, Wilfrid Hyde-White, James Robertson Justice, Richard Wattis, James Villiers

The Great St.Trinian's Train Robbery (1966)

Character: Willy the Jelly
Director: Frank Launder
Cast: Frankie Howerd, Dora Bryan, Reg Varney, Raymond Huntley, Richard Wattis, George Benson, Eric Barker, George Cole, Arthur Mullard, Cyril Chamberlain, Michael Ripper

I Was Happy Here (1966)

Character: Petrol Pump Attendant
Director: Desmond Davis
Cast: Sarah Miles, Cyril Cusack, Julian Glover, Sean Caffrey, Marie Kean, Cardew Robinson

Invasion (1966)

Character: Lorry Driver
Director: Alan Bridges
Cast: Edward Judd, Valerie Gearon, Lyndon Brook, Barrie Ingham, Arthur Sharp

Carry On Screaming (1966)

Character: Cabby
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Harry H. Corbett, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey, Fenella Fielding, Joan Sims, Angela Douglas, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Jon Pertwee

Two A Penny (1967)

Character: Attendant
Director: James F. Collier
Cast: Cliff Richard, Dora Bryan, Ann Holloway, Avril Angers, Geoffrey Bayldon, Peter Barkworth

The Jokers (1967)

Character: Workman
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed, Harry Andrews, James Donald, Daniel Massey, Michael Hordern, Frank Finlay, Warren Mitchell, Peter Graves

Half A Sixpence (1967)

Character: Master Of Ceremonies
Director: George Sidney
Cast: Tommy Steele, Julia Foster, Cyril Ritchard, Penelope Horner, James Villiers, Jean Anderson

A Challenge For Robin Hood (1967)

Character: Dray Driver
Director: C. Pennington-Richards
Cast: Barrie Ingham, James Hayter, Leon Greene, John Arnatt, Peter Blythe, Gay Hamilton, William Squire

Mrs.Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter (1967)

Character: Fireman
Director: Saul Swimmer
Cast: Peter Noone, Stanley Holloway, Mona Washbourne, Lance Percival

Prudence And The Pill (1967)

Character: Pit Marshal
Director: Fielder Cook
Cast: David Niven, Deborah Kerr, Edith Evans, Keith Michell, Robert Coote, Joyce Redman, Judy Geeson

Diamonds For Breakfast (1967)

Character: Policeman
Director: Christopher Morahan
Cast: Marcello Mastroianni, Rita Tushingham, Elaine Taylor, Warren Mitchell, Bill Fraser, Leonard Rossiter

I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name (1967)

Character: Norman
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Oliver Reed, Orson Welles, Carol White, Harry Andrews, Michael Hordern, Wendy Craig

Oliver! (1968)

Character: Arresting Policeman
Director: Carol Reed
Cast: Ron Moody, Oliver Reed, Harry Secombe, Mark Lester, Shani Wallis, Jack Wild, Hugh Griffith, Joseph O'Conor, Leonard Rossiter, Hylda Baker, Peggy Mount, Megs Jenkins

Two Gentleman Sharing (1968)

Character: Policeman
Director: Ted Kotcheff
Cast: Robin Phillips, Judy Geeson, Norman Rossington, Shelagh Fraser, Elspeth March

One More Time (1969)

Character: Sergeant Bullock
Director: Jerry Lewis
Cast: Sammy Davis, Jnr, Peter Lawford, Esther Anderson, Maggie Wright, Leslie Sands, Percy Herbert, Bill Maynard, Dudley Sutton, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee

Some Will, Some Won't (1969)

Character: Policeman
Director: Duncan Wood
Cast: Ronnie Corbett, Thora Hird, Michael Hordern, Leslie Phillips, Barbara Murray, James Robertson Justice, Dennis Price, Wilfrid Brambell, Arthur Lowe

The Atlantic Wall (1970)

Character: Policeman
Director: Marcel Camus
Cast: Bourvil, Peter McEnery, Jean Poiret, Sophie Desmarets, Terry-Thomas, Billy Kearns

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970)

Character: Master Of Ceremonies
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Cast: Barbra Streisand, Yves Montand, Bob Newhart, Jack Nicholson, Simon Oakland

On The Buses (1971)

Character: London Transport Official
Director: Harry Booth
Cast: Reg Varney, Doris Hare, Anna Karen, Michael Robbins, Stephen Lewis, Bob Grant

Nearest And Dearest (1972)

Character: Vernon Smallpiece
Director: John Robins
Cast: Hylda Baker, Jimmy Jewel, Joe Gladwin, Eddie Malin, Madge Hindle

Lady Caroline Lamb (1972)

Character: Restaurant Functionary
Director: Robert Bolt
Cast: Sarah Miles, Jon Finch, Richard Chamberlain, Margaret Leighton, John Mills, Ralph Richardson, Laurence Olivier

Bless This House (1972)

Character: Police Sergeant
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Sid James, Diana Coupland, Terry Scott, June Whitfield, Peter Butterworth, Sally Geeson, Robin Askwith, Bill Maynard

And Now The Screaming Starts (1973)

Character: Constable
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Cast: Peter Cushing, Stephanie Beacham, Herbert Lom, Patrick Magee, Ian Ogilvy, Geoffrey Whitehead, Guy Rolfe, Rosalie Crutchley

Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell (1973)

Character: Police Sergeant
Director: Terence Fisher
Cast: Peter Cushing, Shane Briant, Madeleine Smith, John Stratton, Bernard Lee, Dave Prowse, Patrick Troughton

Man About The House (1974)

Character: Arthur The Doorman
Director: John Robins
Cast: Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox, Sally Thomsett, Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Peter Cellier, Spike Milligan, Arthur Lowe, Bill Maynard

Legend Of The Werewolf (1974)

Character: Tiny
Director: Freddie Francis
Cast: Peter Cushing, Ron Moody, David Rintoul, Hugh Griffith, Roy Castle, Stefan Gryff, Lynn Dalby, Renee Houston, Marjorie Yates, Michael Ripper

Brief Encounter (1974)

Character: Gamekeeper
Director: Alan Bridges
Cast: Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Gwen Cherrell, Anne Firbank, Patricia Franklin, Madeleine Hinde, John Le Mesurier, Rosemary Leach

Barry Lyndon (1975)

Character: Recruiting Sergeant
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Cast: Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, Hardy Kruger, Steven Berkoff, Murray Melvin, Andre Morell, Leonard Rossiter, Peter Cellier, Pat Roach

Moon Over The Alley (1975)

Character: Crook
Director: Joseph Despins
Cast: Doris Fishwick, Peter Farrell, Erna May, John Gay, Patrick Murray

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

Character: Bullock The Cook
Director: Blake Edwards
Cast: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Colin Blakely, Leonard Rossiter, Lesley-Anne Down, Burt Kwouk, Geoffrey Bayldon, Michael Robbins

The Prince And The Pauper (1977)

Character: Watchman
Director: Richard Fleischer
Cast: Mark Lester, Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Ernest Borgnine, George C. Scott, Rex Harrison, David Hemmings, Charlton Heston, Harry Andrews, Murray Melvin, Michael Ripper

The Big Sleep (1977)

Character: Commissionaire
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles, Edward Fox, Joan Collins, John Mills, James Stewart, Oliver Reed, Harry Andrews, Richard Todd, Colin Blakely

A Hitch In Time (1978)

Character: Policeman
Director: Jan Darnley-Smith
Cast: Patrick Troughton, Ronnie Brody, Sorcha Cusack, Michael McVey, Jeff Rawle

Carry On Emmannuelle (1978)

Character: Drunken Husband
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Suzanne Danielle, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Jack Douglas, Joan Sims, Peter Butterworth, Larry Dann, Beryl Reid, Eric Barker

The Return Of The Soldier (1982)

Character: Neighbour
Director: Alan Bridges
Cast: Alan Bates, Ann-Margret, Julie Christie, Glenda Jackson, Jeremy Kemp, Edward de Souza, Frank Finlay, Ian Holm

The Wicked Lady (1983)

Character: Farmer
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Faye Dunaway, Alan Bates, John Gielgud, Denholm Elliott, Prunella Scales, Oliver Tobias, Joan Hickson

Morons From Outer Space (1984)

Character: Police Sergeant
Director: Michael Hodges
Cast: Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, Paul Bown, Jimmy Nail, Dinsdale Landen

Revenge Of Billy The Kid (1991)

Character: Mr.Allott
Director: Jim Groom
Cast: Michael Balfour, Samantha Perkins, Jackie D. Broad, Trevor Peake, Bryan Heeley, Dean Williamson, Michael Ripper

Prisoner Of Honor (1991)

Character: Court Usher
Director: Ken Russell
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Oliver Reed, Peter Firth, Jeremy Kemp, Brian Blessed, Peter Vaughan, Lindsay Anderson, John Cater, Murray Melvin

Dirty Weekend (1993)

Character: Electrician
Director: Michael Winner
Cast: Lia Williams, Rufus Sewell, David McCallum, Sean Pertwee, Ian Richardson

The Great Kandinsky (1995)

Character: Man In Church
Director: Terry Winsor
Cast: Richard Harris, Tom Bell, Dorothy Tutin, Ian Carmichael, David Alders, Earl Cameron

Lighthouse (1999)

Character: Brownlow
Director: Simon Hunter
Cast: Rachel Shelley, James Purefoy, Don Warrington, Christopher Adamson, Bob Goody

Room 36 (2005)

Director: Jim Groom
Cast: Brian Murphy, Paul Herzberg, Portia Booroff

Theatre appearances

The Kirby Fortune (1946)

Theatre: Intimate Theatre
Location: Manchester

The Seagull (1947)

Theatre: Manchester Library Theatre
Location: Manchester

The Beaux Strategem (1947)

Theatre: Manchester Library Theatre
Location: Manchester

The Circle (1947)

Theatre: Manchester Library Theatre
Location: Manchester

Hamlet (1948)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Stratford

Troilus & Cressida (1948)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Stratford

Macbeth (1949)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Stratford

The Merchant of Venice (1949)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Stratford

Othello (1949)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Stratford

Cymbeline (1949)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Stratford

Much Ado About Nothing (1949)

Theatre: Royal Shakespeare Company
Location: Australian Tour

Harvey (1951)

Theatre: Richmond Theatre
Location: Richmond, Surrey

Pick Up Girl (1951)

Theatre: Richmond Theatre
Location: Richmond, Surrey

Nothing But The Truth (1951)

Theatre: Tour
Location: UK Tour

The Wild Duck (1951)

Theatre: Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Location: Birmingham

When We Are Married (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

Pygmalion (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

Shop On Sly Corner (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

Rebecca (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

Present Laughter (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

The Importance Of Being Earnest (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

Goodness How Sad (1951)

Theatre: Dewsbury Empire
Location: Dewsbury

The First Born (1952)

Theatre: Arts Theatre
Location: London

Pride And Prejudice (1952)

Theatre: Grand Theatre
Location: Croydon

Toad Of Toad Hall (1954)

Theatre: Princes Theatre
Location: London

Honey Moon Beds (1955)

Theatre: Richmond Theatre
Location: Richmond, Surrey

The Famous Five (1956)

Theatre: Princes Theatre
Location: London

Whistling In The Dark (1956)

Theatre: Croydon Grand Theatre
Location: Croydon

Black Coffee (1956)

Theatre: Croydon Grand Theatre
Location: Croydon

Blind Alley (1956)

Theatre: Windsor Repertory
Location: Windsor

A View From The Bridge (1956)

Theatre: Comedy Theatre
Location: London

The Visit (1958)

Theatre: Tour
Location: Tour

Shadow of Heroes (1958)

Theatre: Piccadilly Theatre
Location: London

One More River (1958)

Theatre: Everyman Theatre
Location: Liverpool

Julius Caesar (1958)

Theatre: The Playhouse
Location: Sheffield

The Gimmick (1959)

Theatre: Golders Green Theatre
Location: London

Jazzetry (1959)

Theatre: Royal Court Theatre
Location: London

The Rape Of The Belt (1959)

Theatre: Bromley Repertory
Location: Bromley

Not In The Book (1959)

Theatre: Richmond Theatre
Location: Richmond, Surrey

Bus Stop (1959)

Theatre: New Theatre
Location: Bromley

Treasure Island (1959)

Theatre: The Mermaid Theatre
Location: London

Mother (1961)

Theatre: Pembroke Theatre
Location: Croydon

Do Re Mi (1961)

Theatre: Prince of Wales Theatre
Location: London

We're Looking For Mary Pickford (1971)

Theatre: Kings's Head
Location: Islington

Anna Christie (1973)

Theatre: Kenton Theatre
Location: Henley on Thames

After Haggerty (1974)

Theatre: Thorndike Theatre
Location: Leatherhead

Worzel Gummidge (1980)

Theatre: Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Location: Birmingham

She Stoops To Conquer (1983)

Theatre: Thorndike Theatre
Location: Leatherhead

Alladin (1983)

Theatre: Thorndike Theatre
Location: Leatherhead

The Clandestine Marriage (1984)

Theatre: The Albery Theatre
Location: London

Partners In Crime (1990)

Theatre: New End Theatre
Location: Hampstead

The Roman Actor (1991)

Theatre: Tabard Theatre
Location: London

Hobson's Choice (1992)

Theatre: Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Location: Birmingham

I Have Been Here Before (1995)

Theatre: Hen & Chickens Theatre
Location: Islington

Television Credits

The Way Of The World (1951)

Kaleidoscope (1951)

The Treasure Of Woburn Abbey (1954)

The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot (1956)

The Canterbury Tales (1956)

The Adventures Of William Tell (1957)

The Destroyers (1957)

Destination Downing Street (1957)

Joan And Leslie (1957)

Scotland Yard (1957)

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1958)

Nine Green Bottles (1958)

The Larkins (1958)

The Duke In Darkness (1958)

Twelfth Night (1959)

Charlesworth (1959)

Outside (1959)

Fireground (1959)

International Detective (1959)

Emergency Ward 10 (1959)

The Third Man (1959)

Knight Errant (1960)

Rogue Herries (1960)

No Wreath For The General (1960)

The Assassins (1960)

Dixon Of Dock Green (1960)

Police Surgeon (1960)

Maigret (1961)

Hamlet (1961)

The Attorney General (1961)

Spy-Catcher (1961)

The Reason For Staying (1961)

The Scene Of The Accident (1961)

Z Cars (1962)

The Saint (1962)

Two Of A Kind (1962)

Zero One (1962)

The Rag Trade (1963)

Sykes (1963)

Moonstrike (1963)

Arthur Haynes Show (1963)

The Verdict Is Yours (1963)

Bonehead (1963)

Outbreak Of Murder (1963)

No Cloak, No Dagger (1963)

Dick Emery Show (1963)

The Planemakers (1963)

Thunder Of Sycamore Street (1963)

Lorna Doone (1963)

Compact (1964)

The Dickie Henderson Show (1964)

Meet The Wife (1964)

No Hiding Place (1964)

The Man Who Won The Pools (1964)

Silas Marner (1964)

The Reg Varney Show (1964)

Dr Finlay's Casebook (1964)

Sherlock Holmes (1964)

The Brothers Karamazov (1965)

Cluff (1965)

The Sulllivan Brothers (1965)

The World of Wooster (1965)

Court Martial (1965)

Hugh and I (1966)

Adam Adamant Lives! (1965)

Danger Island (1966)

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1966)

Sounding Brass (1966)

Catch Us If You Can (1966)

Coronation Street (1966)

Mrs. Thursday (1966)

Blanding Castle (1966)

The Sound Of Laughter (1966)

The Flying Swann (1966)

Days To Come (1966)

Danny The Dragon (1966)

Misleading Cases (1967)

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (1967)

Man In A Suitcase (1967)

The Prisoner (1967)

Bernard Braden Show (1967)

The Revenue Men (1967)

Dales Diary (1967)

Freewheelers (1967)

The Gold Watch club (1968)

Harry Worth Show (1968)

Frontier (1968)

City '68' (1968)

A Personal Affair (1968)

Softly, Softly (1969)

Public Eye (1969)

The Very Merry Widow (1969)

Dad's Army (1969)

Germinal (1969)

Take Three Girls (1969)

Crossroads (1970)

Up Pompeii (1970)

Doctor In The House (1970)

The Marty Feldman Show (1970)

On The Buses (1970)

The Trouble Shooters (1970)

Basil Brush Show (1970)

The Goodies (1971)

The Onedin Line (1971)

Fenn Street Gang (1971)

Boffins (1971)

Whack Oh! (1971)

The Train Now Standing (1972)

Father Dear Father (1972)

Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads (1972)

The Protectors (1972)

Beryl's Lot (1973)

Emmerdale Farm (1973)

Village Concert (1973)

Some Mothers Do 'Av Em (1973)

Harrow House (1973)

The Boy With Two Heads (1973)

Not On Your Nellie (1974)

The Double Kill (1974)

Pickwick (1974)

Dumb Waiter (1974)

The Tomorrow People (1975)

The Heavy Mob (1975)

The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin (1976)

George And Mildred (1976)

Who Done It (1976)

Crown Court (1977)

Ripping Yarns (1977)

Robin's Nest (1977)

The Famous Five (1977)

Just William (1977)

A Roof Over My Head (1977)

It Ain't Half Hot Mum (1977)

Are You Being Served (1978)

Yes, Minister (1979)

Rings On Her Fingers (1979)

You're Only Young Twice (1979)

Bernie (1979)

The Kelly Monteith Show (1979)

The Jim Davidson Show (1979)

Why Didn't They Ask Evans (1979)

Worzel Gummidge (1980)

Grandad (1980)

Rent-A-Ghost (1980)

We The Accused (1980)

Grundy (1980)

Keep It In The Family (1980)

The Californian Railway (1980)

Young At Heart (1981)

Nancy Astor (1981)

Potter (1982)

Only When I Laugh (1982)

The New Salesman (1983)

Goodbye Mr Chips (1983)

Dream Stuffing (1984)

The Lonely Hearts Kit (1984)

Jenny's War (1985)

Mind Your Language (1985)

Never The Twain (1985)

One by One (1986)

The Krankies (1986)

Casanova (1986)

Vanity Fair (1986)

Lytton's Diary (1986)

William Tell (1987)

Sophia & Constance (1987)

All Creatures Great And Small (1987)

Little And Large Show (1987)

Come Back Mrs. Noah (1990)

Born Kicking (1991)

You Rang My Lord (1992)

The Bill (1992)

Against All Odds (1993)

Casulty (1993)

The Great Kandinsky (1995)

Last Of The Summer Wine (1997)

Lily Savage Show (1998)


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